Project Outline


1. Home Page

Will contain a picture of the fusion camera system being used


2. Antecedents Tab

This is going to be where we discuss the entire antecedents list for the fusion camera system
Starting from the Stereoscope and Sir Charles Wheatstone and moving all the way up to Edwin S. Porter and William E. Waddelland and their first 3D test reel for cinema.
Will discuss each piece of technology individually. We will touch on who invented it, when it was invented, why it was invented, how it works, whether it was accepted or rejected, how it influenced the technologies that appeared after it
This page will also include pictures of various antecedents above the paragraphs discussing them- ex. picture- followed by description


3. Invention Tab

This tab will talk about the invention and use of the fusion camera system. Will discuss the system including who invented it, how it works, why it was invented, what it was/ is used for, how it is different from what technologies we already had.
Discuss more in detail why the fusion camera system is chosen over other technologies that produce similar results
Include various pictures of the fusion camera system throughout the page, as well as a clip from youtube:
1. This is a five minute video explaining why the fusion camera system was invented, how it works and how it is different from previous technologies


4. Impact and Significance of the Fusion Camera System

A. This page will be used to  to talk about how the fusion camera system changed (improved) the movie industry. We will discuss the impact of having such an advanced piece of technology in movie producing and how it affected people’s expectation for movie watching.
We will also use this section to discuss whether or not a better more modern piece of technology is being developed to currently replace it or if this is the most up to date technology we have.


5. Bibliography Tab

A. This is where we will list all of our sources used for the blog page. This will include of both primary and secondary sources.


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