Documentary Outline

Documentary Outline

1. Introduction

    1. Supply viewers with 3D glasses- this will help to provide a more effective documentary by implementing the technology used into the presentation
      1. A scene from Avatar that used the fusion camera system- the scene will range from 15 to 30 seconds and viewers will wear the 3D glasses
      2. Narration after the opening Avatar scene. The narration will be brief and set up our thesis for the documentary. ex. “This is just an brief example of where technology has allowed modern movies to go today. Were going to back track to where 3-D imaging first began.”

2. Brief History of movies

A. This will be a short portion that will act as the foundation for 3D technology.

B. Transition into interviews from a range of people- some old and younger people

1. These will be short clips asking the average person to explain their idea of how 3D technology works. These interviews will be a gateway into the specific topic of 3D technology. The interviews will show how the average person is unfamiliar with the technical way that 3D technology works.


3. 3D’s History- will last 2 minutes maximum

A.Who invented the early forms of 3D technology

B. Stereoscope, Sir Charles Whetstone

C. How the technology was originally used

D. Who used the technology

E. It’s popularity

4. Sir David Brewster- 1 minute maximum

A. How he modified the stereoscope

1. What came out of his modifications, “The world’s first practical viewing device”

B. How it was different from Wheatstone’s stereoscope


5. 1834-1895: Development of Moving Motion Picture- 1 minute

A. Different Contributors

B. How it evolved

C. Important Dates

6. William Friese – Green- I minute

A. His patented process for producing 3D motion picture

B. How it worked

C. It’s success

7. Edwin S. Porter and William E. Waddelland

A. first 3D test reel for cinema


8. “The Power of Love”

A. first confirmed 3D film shown to a paying audience

B. who produced it and where it was shown

C. How it worked

D. Impact


9. The Fusion Camera System

A. James Cameron and Vince Pace

B. Where and When it was invented

C. How it worked

D. What made it different from previous 3D technologies that were in use

E. It’s success

      1. 2012 Summer Olympics, Avatar, Golf Tournaments, Movies
      2. Note that Disney movies are coming back out in 3D- importance of technology

10. Conclusion

A. Will close by revisiting the interviews with average people asking their opinions of watching 3D films and tv. Ask them if they prefer watching in 3D or 2D.

B. This will bring the piece back full circle. We predict that most will say they prefer watching 3D movies which will validate our documentary by showing that 3D technology has enhanced viewing pleasure.


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